Posted by: DancingQueen | December 17, 2009

Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ jelly beans  seem to have replaced the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans™ that were all the rage with Harry Potter fans.  Unfortunately, the lull between movies and perhaps the price lead to their discontinuation and fall from favor resulting in bottom shelf clearance aisle oblivion.  Jelly Belly® then rethought the idea of foul beans and came out with Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ jelly beans, which came in a variety of flavors, some of which I believe are repeats from the Bertie Bott’s collection.  It seems that Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ is headed for the same fate as Bertie Bott’s and is out-of-stock on the website.

Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly® Bean Boozled™ Jelly Beans

I have personally tried the Café Latte, Ear Wax, and Vomit, at which point I called it a day.  The above shows (from left to right): Juicy Pear/Booger, Licorice/Skunk, Berry Blue/Toothpaste, and Plum/Black Pepper.  I don’t actually like jelly beans to begin with, although, I usually find the Jelly Belly® to be more enjoyable than most.  The off-flavors still are predominantly sugar, just with a drop or two of something ‘foul’ that makes you pause.  I wonder if there ever has been a similar mix of sour/sweet look-a-likes.

The list from the back of the box, for those who are curious:

Standard Beanboozled
Licorice Skunk Spray
Buttered Popcorn Rotten Egg
Cafe Latte Earwax
Juicy Pear Booger
Coconut Baby Wipes
Top Banana Pencil Shavings
Berry Blue Toothpaste
Peach Vomit
Caramel Corn Moldy Cheese
Plum Black Pepper

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