Posted by: DancingQueen | December 18, 2009

Adventures With Phyllo (Filo or Fillo)!

Phyllo Nests w/ Eggnog Icecream drizzled with Honey and Toasted Almond Slivers

Or Moroccan Bastilla Encore – Part II

Phyllo Nests

Phyllo Nests

The following is for 6 nests:
1/8 package, approx 3-5 sheets Phyllo (Filo/Fillo) Dough
3 tablespoons Butter, nonsalted
6 tablespoons (divide in half) Toasted Almond Slivers
6 tablespoons Honey (I used Clover)
6 tablespoons Icecream or Gelato (I used Eggnog)
As Needed Confectioner’s Sugar
As Needed Cinnamon, ground
As Needed Cloves, ground
Phyllo Nests

Phyllo Nests - Divided Into 6 Squares

1. Thaw Phyllo/Filo/Fillo dough as per instructions or in the fridge the night before — you can also make the almonds ahead: ~1/3 cup almonds + 1 tablespoon butter, melt butter in a skillet on medium, add almond slivers, sauté until golden brown (as in step 12 of the previous bastilla recipe), remove from heat, let almonds rest on a paper towel over a plate and blot away excess butter, let cool

2. Pre-heat over to 350ºF + Melt butter in a bowl and dip a spatula or pastry brush in to coat, brush 6 cups of a cupcake pan with a light coast of butter (maybe 2-3 drops worth in each cup)

3. Set out your confectioner’s sugar duster, cinnamon with cap off, and cloves with the cap off

4.  Unroll Phyllo/Filo/Fillo dough and separate out one sheet, lay it down and quickly brush with butter, sprinkle with sugar+cin+cloves and then layer another sheet, repeat so that there are 3-5 layers (depending on how crispy you want it)

Phyllo Nests

Phyllo Nests - Out of the Oven

5. Cut the sheet stack across horizontally and then vertically into thirds, the top sheet should be lightly buttered

6. Carefully lift each square into a cupcake cup so that a few edged stick upwards and tap lightly ino the edges (ladies, if you have long nails, please be extra careful)

7. Bake for 7-8 minutes, rotating once on the middle wrack, take out and let cool for a minute

8. Set out your honey and reserved almonds and your plates for plating – let your guests know that dessert will be ready in under a minute

9. The nests should pop out of the cups with barely a tap of a fork, set one on each plate and put a pinch of cooled almonds on the bottom to separate the icecream from the dough

Phyllo Nests

Phyllo Nests - Add Almonds

10. Quickly scoop a tablespoon or so of icecream into each next, pinch a few more almonds on top and drizzle with honey, optionally tap more sugar+cin+cloves on top, serve & enjoy!

This plates like an expensive restaurant dessert, but is much more enjoyable if eaten from your hand, tilted slightly backwards.  This allows the icecream and honey to remain in the nest as you devour it  opposed to spilling out onto a plate or dripping down your arm.



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