Posted by: DancingQueen | December 20, 2009

Pretzels: Let’s Do The Twist!

How to Twist a Pretzel (for the recipe click here: Mini Soft Pretzels – NY Style!):

Pretzel Knot: Step 1

Pretzel Knot: Step 1

Step 1:

*Roll your piece of dough

*Approximately 12-15″+ long

*Make U-Shape

Pretzel Knot: Step 2

Pretzel Knot: Step 2

Step 2:

*Cross the ends

Pretzel Knot: Step 3

Pretzel Knot: Step 3

Step 3:

*Twist once counter-clockwise

Pretzel Teaser Photo

Pretzel Knot: Step 4

Step 4:

*Stretch bottom dough of the loop a bit

*Fold forward the twist and press


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