Posted by: DancingQueen | December 23, 2009

Godiva Chocolatier – Wedding Favors

“The book of love is long and boring,
And written very long ago,
It’s full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes,
And things we’re all too young to know”

-The Magnetic Fields

Godiva may not offer heart-shaped boxes, but they do offer heart shaped truffles, and starfish, and many seasonal shapes (the pumpkin wrapped pumpkin spice truffle this past October was simply wonderful).  You can select from various shapes of Godiva traditional truffles for your wedding favors or you can view the couture line which features miniature three-tiered wedding cakes.  If the price tag of $9.50 each (sold in sets of 4 for $38) seems staggering when multiplied with your ever-growing guest list, think about them as pre-wedding or post-wedding “I Love You’s” attached to which you can leave her a note of anticipation or exuberance.  If you haven’t popped the question – setting the ring on the (chilled) chocolate would be a wonderful surprise, one less sticky or unwieldy than dropped into a class of champagne.

The only question I have for Godiva’s marketing team is: Why is there only a milk chocolate cake? Why not white chocolate exterior with raspberry filling?


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