Posted by: DancingQueen | February 9, 2010

Lunch at Sra. Martinez in the Design District of Miami, FL

Distant foodie cousins scored SuperBowl tickets and made a whirlwind exit from the snowy-north.  A dozen or so phone calls later after everyone was informed and plans made (and remade) until it was decided that Senora Martinez was the place to be!  Michelle Bernstein (of Jewish and Spanish decent), the James Beard award winning chef of the tapas restaurant, artfully combined a darker pattern of colors (blacks, reds, deep oranges, etc) in a comfortable (yet imposing) inner sanctum whose exterior (a 1920’s post office in its prior life) gives no hint at the goings on inside.  The white columns and haphazardly arranged outside seating on the side-walked corner of Miami’s Design District seems a bit out of place as well.  The restaurant is located across from a school (for artsy kids) and we encountered no less than 3 phographers snapping the images of everything from drainage pipes to the twisted plastic and glass furniture in the windows of the modern art stores that seem to span in all directions.  We also passed by two backward walking men, dressed in their hippest Miami ensembles of vests, colored shirts, and sunglasses yammering on in part Spanish to an eager following of less people, more a moving cloud of black – cameras, microphones, cords, and clothing.  There was no metered parking, you had to call a phone service to mark that you were in a specific coded spot and pay by phone.  A scary thought, a time when no one remembers life before electronic devices were attached at the hip (and ear).
A few of the plates we had, asterisks for LOVE*
Slow Roasted Piquillos, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Valdeon Blue, Marcona Almonds
Tomato, Cucumber, Feta, Greek Style Vinaigrette
CATCH OF THE DAY (Mackerel – came with Grapes, no puree 😦 good though)
Cauliflower Puree, Pomegranite-Caper Brown Butter
Churrasco, Rosemary Scented Fries, Chimichurri
Rum Sauteed Bananas & Figs, Vanilla Ice Cream
Sherry, Fresh Cream

In Miami?  Visiting soon?

2 Appetizers, 1 Main, 1 Dessert: $22

Cocktails were also nice – we had a strawberry-balsamic martini!*


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