Posted by: DancingQueen | February 24, 2010

Gold Medal Cheese: Austrian topfen curd cheese

This morning, I opened the paper to a half page article about how U.S. Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn applied a type of soft cream cheesey cheese called Austrian topfen curd cheese to her leg after an injury while practicing in Austria.  Cheese?  Supposedly it brings down swelling.  I suppose any chilled item would have worked to decrease swelling and remembered Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies (is it two or three he gets the dragon egg?) where he uses a steak to nurse a black eye.  Forget herbs and diet food, perhaps the wave of the future is to have edible outfits (ones you can wear in public).

The cheese is called topfen in Austrian and a quick search pulled up a few other names: curd-cheese, quark, quarg, Tvaroh, and Tvorog.  Similar to ricotta, cream cheese, and cottage cheese.

I mostly watched the ice skating.  There, I said it.  The rest of the Winter Olympics were on fast-forward at best.  But, it must tell you something about the interest factor when cheese application for medicinal purposes gets front page attention over bios or other stories about the medal-winning athletes from distant lands.

P.S.  Topfen should hire Lindsay for celebrity endorsement and think about exporting to Whole Foods or other gourmet markets – not only did she try the product, but she’s beautiful as well!


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