Posted by: DancingQueen | March 17, 2010

Lemony Lime Cake with Keylime Curd on St. Patrick’s Day

Lemon and Keylime Curd Cake

Lemon and Keylime Curd Cake

So…this cake just kind of happened to be brought into this world due to a series of unlikely happenstances.  Firstly, awhile back, I found out (much to my amazement) that my mother loves Lemon Bars.  LEMON BARS.  LEMON BARS!  Now, I have absolutely nothing against lemon bars or lemons, or anything like that, but my mother is practically a spokesperson for eating dessert first.  Many a time she returns from a ladies lunch at Cheesecake Factory with half a slice of cheesecake and as she puts it away she tut-tuts at the shame of all those ladies going out and being surrounded by hundreds of slices of the most delicious desserts and eating salad.  Honey, if your dressing-covered salad fills a basketball sized bowl, you’re not doing your behind any favors.  She is such an advocate for desserts to have chocolate that I knew I had to see this for myself.  The next event to transpire was my grandmother handing me a box of “almost” expired lemon cake mix.  Why she didn’t just make a cake, I don’t know.  The box sat in the pantry at eye level whispering recipes to me (blackberry? coconut?) but it wasn’t until I came across Smitten Kitchen’s Layered Lemon Love Cake dedicated to a mysterious “happy birthday really gay dave and creepy uncle steve” that I knew, I would add keylime juice and make a lemon-keylime cake with keylime curd.  I wish  I would have iced it thought.

I tweaked the box (1 cup water, 1/3 cup keylime juice and a dash of vanilla instead of 1 and 1/3 water), instead of two 9″ pie pans, I poured it into a spring-form pan (probably would have been better in two pans, wish I had two the same size), omitted the zest, and substituted 4 tablespoons of keylime juice for the lemon juice in the curd recipe (of which I halved all the ingredients since I was low on eggs – in the future, I will make the right amount and whisk less!)

Alas, the cake was allowed to rest for 20 minutes before cutting, 3 minutes of cutting and curding, and 1 minute of licking the crumbs and curd from the spreader before laughing at myself ‘this cake is never going to see frosting’ and with that, I cut a slice, poured a ice cold glass of milk and enjoyed every last crumb.

A Lemony Lime Slice of Lemon Cake with Keylime Curd

A Lemony Lime Slice of Lemon Cake with Keylime Curd


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